The time has come when you need to head towards yeastar pbx system of the S300 model. It helps in delivering enterprise based IP Telephony solutions with a current base system. This system helps in supporting around 300 phones and even expands the same to 500 phones. This system expands with the growth of the company as it can easily support around 24 analog ports, and up to 24 BRI ports. It can further work well with the 3 E1/T1/PRI ports alongside 6of the GSM channels. So, you can always get in line with this option for better help as of now.

Easy installation and more:

The best ever IP PBX system under S300 model is known for its easy installation help. It is not just simple for you to install but can be managed too. Furthermore, it can be well developed as the complete office based telephone system that you care to work with for sure. This system is designed keeping the smaller and medium businesses in mind and can always handle up to 500 users, known to come up with the new technology in question. This section is further known to supply some of the phenomenal cost saving options, with effectiveness and efficiency at its best. It will offer quality, power and assurance.

More to know:

You have the liberty to save some of your time with easy installation and also designed to maintain the service with ease. This PBX system can further be configured quite easily with the auto detect, auto configuration and also the capabilities under plug and play option. This section is known to offer versatile telephony user interface, which can be well mixed with future scalability with specialized modular design over here. So, be sure to get hands on this option now from the yeastar distributor.

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