The importance of a task light should never be overlooked. The correct task light provides the exact amount of lighting suited to your type of work since it is localized with a beam directly highlighting the surface you are working on.

Desk lighting is far more important than overhead lighting, even overhead task lighting. If you are reading or writing, working, using a computer or carrying out any arts or crafts the correct lighting makes the task more pleasant.

What is a task light?

Task lights for desks are portable and are specifically designed for work purposes. They may have a cord and plug, but could also work with batteries, rechargeable or not. If you are using your computer a lot you will find that a good task light on your desk will be a necessity. As you work the day often progresses into evening and you might not notice the room is getting darker since your eyes are only seeing the light from your screen. The minute you decide to switch to another task, you will notice that you don’t have sufficient lighting and all you will have to do is switch on your desk task light.

Overhead lights are fine for working on your monitor, but if your work involves reading and writing on written documents then you will need overhead lighting to be supplemented with a task light as you will be able to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

How to choose a task light?

Designed with all kinds of tastes in mind, you will find a huge variety of task lights to choose from. These vary in shapes, size, and styles while their finish can be in wood, chrome, plastic and other modern materials allowing you to match it to your workspace décor. Don’t only pay attention to the finish though, take your time and consider a few other factors before deciding.

Will you be watching television in the same space? Then you definitely will need a task light with a dimmer switch and with a focused, controlled beam of light.  If the lamp has a 30-degree beam spread it is ideal to direct just the right amount of light on your work surface without affecting those watching television.  LEDs offer a direct light source and have a controlled beam of light making it the perfect choice for your task light in this situation.

A LED lamp in your task light is more economical as it uses less electricity making it a far better choice than halogen or incandescent lamp varieties. If you are working long hours or need light to burn 24 hours a day, then this is the best choice.

The size of the task light always depends on the size of the desk where it will be used. If you have a large desk, then a task light with a longer arm will be more useful. Take into consideration what type of computer you are using – a laptop or desktop – so that you can estimate how much light is needed across your work surface. If your desk is too small for a desktop task light consider getting one that you can clamp on your desk or a wall mounted one.

How much light should be emitted?

If you are over 50 then you will need twice the amount of light than a person of 25. Older eyes are also more sensitive glare to light, so avoid a light that emits in all directions and look for one with a controlled beam.

The beam for reading needs to be much smaller than the beam needed for drawing architectural plans. If you are working in the same room as someone who is sleeping, or are performing a variety of tasks you will need a light where you can control the beam.

Where the lamp should be positioned?

The direct light must never be in your eyes. The correct position is above your head and out of your eyes. Take care to avoid glare from the light if you have a glass desk surface by positioning it at an angle of 30°.

Warm Light versus Daylight

Depending on what you like you can choose between the two types of light bulbs. Wam color lights are soothing and create a nice atmosphere, whereas cooler color temperatures stimulate the brain and productivity.

The importance of a proper task light for your desk cannot be stressed enough as it will save you from eye strain and the headaches that are often because of poor lighting. If not sure what to choose ask the salesperson at your favorite store to help you make the right choice.

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