To start explaining what SEO is, the first of all is to tell you that this word comes from Search Engine Optimization, so that we understand each other, Search Engine Optimization. In case of the small business seo company  you can expect the best now.

What is SEO for dummies

Basically with SEO, the objective is to go out in the best positions of Google, or at least appear in the search engine. If you get this, your visibility on the network will be greater. Thus, it is more likely that anyone interested in your sector will find you without having to search your business specifically.

SEO History

SEO is not what it was. Since it emerged until today SEO strategies have evolved a lot. In fact, most of the tactics that were used then, at the beginning of the Internet era (and not so long ago) are penalized today.

When Google started it was based mainly on a criterion to choose the best websites and position them better (this article explains these techniques banished by Google), the links . Links are like modern references. If a website that talks about motorcycles, for example, had many links from other motorcycle websites, it was understood that it was an important website because many others used it as a reference.

What happened? Why did everything change? The explanation is easy, the first SEO in history began to create links from one website to another, like crazy. Links were requested and given without stopping, and worse, without criteria, this was also done between websites of different themes. Google realized that it did not offer the best results and began to change its criteria, taking into account other things such as content quality.

Today the content is king, everything is based on it. If your page has quality content and you carry out the best SEO practices, everything will go smoothly. Good content works by itself.

Google constantly changes the criteria for positioning the websites to ensure that the search results are of quality. What Google wants is to improve the experience of all its users (which are not few). You can achieve that by offering the best results for each keyword.

SEO practices

When we talk about SEO practices we have to differentiate between two ways of positioning ourselves. White SEO, within the “legal”, is based on quality content and the interaction between your users and you (this quite summarizing). And Black Hat SEO, the black hat seo is to trick Google to position your website.

Black Hat SEO:

They are techniques designed to fool Google, most of them focused on getting links. These techniques are penalized and if you use them your page will lose visibility sooner or later. Black hat seo, can be useful if you dedicate yourself to position specific niches for a limited time . If someone registered the domain:, whose goal would be to sell t-shirts, scarves and all kinds of merchandising for the final.

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